Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday to the King of the Universe

I drew this on Kirby's birthday but I was kind of underwhelmed by it.  I wanted a better representation of my respect for a man that I never met but has formed my world so positively.  Thanks Jack...

Effing around with Photoshop and Sketchbook

I just decided to try out Autodesk sketchbook to see if I could do my pencils digitally.  Sketchbook has a ruler tool that could definitely help with perspective drawing.  So far I'm torn between Manga Studio's perspective rulers and just a plain old T-Square/Triangle solution.  This is just me messing around with sketching a face in Sketchbook Pro and coloring the way I do in PS.  It's okay.   Maybe a little slow.  Anyway...  there you go.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Arms, a leg, a couple of faces, boobs and The Savage Dragon

Updizzlating tha Blizzoggle!

So I sat down to play with a Z-Brush trial that I've been dying to play with.  I have this Venom sketch that I think I want to see in 3-D.

A hefty endeavor, I grant you, but I think it's one that would be worthwhile to pursue.  What do you think?


Achem!  Anyway, while going through sketchings I did somewhat recently I got the urge to look at my blog to see what was there.  My last entry was truly a sad one.  Not very interesting, at all.  So I wanted to update my blog.  But the heading was crapzilla.  Big enough to crush Tokyo with it's floppy crap tail and it's giant crap back scales that glow right before it spews crap fire.  What am I talking about?  I DON'T KNOW!  Bust it definitely resulted in me changing my header.

It's this one:


Which will definitely change... maybe soon... maybe not but at least it looks like something.

For now.

Okay.  Back to doing something worthwhile.  It's probably not the Venom because I'm all about my blog now so, it's probably a new header.

Later Gators!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Waiting in a waiting room for too long with only sketchbook, pencils and cellphone.
Might as well update y'all with what I'm doing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's over, Prime!

So I finished Megatron.
This was a really tricky drawing.  I haven't really drawn robots since I was a kid watching Voltron on channel 11 after school. Activate Inter-locks, indeed!
I approached it digitally, at first.  Then when I became dissatisfied with how it was coming out, I did a "real world" version that came out kinda fun.  On scanning the drawing, I found out that the marker I used to sketch it in showed up in the scans... I mean BIG time.  So back to the drawing board and back to Photoshop.  I inked him in and... well, not baaad.  I wasn't completely happy with his pose but to make me happy, I would have to redraw the whole sumnabitch so I just let it go (that's what you gotta learn kids, how to "let it go!")
Okay, Inking's done... I crop off the feet because I didn't develop them all that much so, poof, they're gone. I start doing flats which I always do in Photoshop and give a simple light source using the PS brushes with grey on a multiply layer.  Then I put the drawing away and work on something else.
I come BACK and looking at the piece, decide I want to finish it in Painter.  The brushes in Painter do some funky things and give me more options with how to mix colors or texture the picture, so I pick a custom brush I made from a pen and start scribblin' away at Meggy until he looks like something and voila!
It came out pretty okay. There are things I think I would still do different but, I let it go.  I'll probably revisit drawing Meggy when I finally do an Optimus Prime drawing a friend of mine asked for... cough (two years ago) cough!  Sorry...
So I hope y'all likes.  I'll seeya again soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


So I'm working on a quick Megatron drawing for THWP (The Hourly Web Planet)as well as trying to finish Trey issue 2. This is what I sketched but I might do some changes based on the idea that I am not injecting enough of myself into the illustration. Hell, if Michael Bay can do it...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Today - 2-10-12

I was going to post photos of my life drawings but decided they suck so here's a picture of what's on my living room table, instead:

I was reprimanded by my friends on Wednesday about not updating my blog so being as influenced as I am by those around me, decided to update my blog.

I'm still trying to feel around for what I want to show everyone. Since, I put finished pieces on DeviantArt and sometimes Facebook, I was thinking of putting sketches and in progress materials on here, you know, for the progress wonks out there.

Though, that standard is likely to change...

Anyway... too much words; not enough drawings... here's some random sh--tuff I've found in a recently recovered sketchbook: