Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Revisiting friendly friends from the neighborhood

I did this a number of years ago.

I was planning on doing this huge Spider-Man poster with an buttload of Spidey villains and supporting cast in the background.  I think what derailed me was The Iron Spider and Civil War because these were seemingly the four most important/recognizable Spidey changes then... BOOM!... Ci-vil WAAAAAR!

It's been sitting in a drive in my studio and then in a folder on my computer. It's also been floating around the net in some places as pencils; the original is long gone. I decided that I wanted to do something with it so I started flatting it with the intention of printing some for the kids I work with.  Now it's talking to me.  Saying sweet things in my ear....

... finish me...

... finish me...

... finish me...

We'll see where I take it. It will be finshed somehow.  Another image incorporating the ideas of this one (I have an idea I'm already toying with) or maybe just inking it, coloring it proper proper and selling it at cons...

... things to think about...


Monday, January 5, 2015

Terra Kaiju! for Joe Badon's Kickstarter

First and foremost, go here and give money:

Then, look at these!

I started with a layout.  Basically a large thumbnail that I would later blow up and lightbox onto comic board. We chose to do the one on the left.

I penciled it.  I googled the faces of some Japanese peasants from the movie the Seven Samurai.

I inked the bastard!

Color and type all came about from the help of some magic elves. Just kidding... that $@#% took a long time.

I'm going to try selling these on my Etsy page.  Message me for details.  Probably something like $10 plus shipping.  Let me know.