Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's over, Prime!

So I finished Megatron.
This was a really tricky drawing.  I haven't really drawn robots since I was a kid watching Voltron on channel 11 after school. Activate Inter-locks, indeed!
I approached it digitally, at first.  Then when I became dissatisfied with how it was coming out, I did a "real world" version that came out kinda fun.  On scanning the drawing, I found out that the marker I used to sketch it in showed up in the scans... I mean BIG time.  So back to the drawing board and back to Photoshop.  I inked him in and... well, not baaad.  I wasn't completely happy with his pose but to make me happy, I would have to redraw the whole sumnabitch so I just let it go (that's what you gotta learn kids, how to "let it go!")
Okay, Inking's done... I crop off the feet because I didn't develop them all that much so, poof, they're gone. I start doing flats which I always do in Photoshop and give a simple light source using the PS brushes with grey on a multiply layer.  Then I put the drawing away and work on something else.
I come BACK and looking at the piece, decide I want to finish it in Painter.  The brushes in Painter do some funky things and give me more options with how to mix colors or texture the picture, so I pick a custom brush I made from a pen and start scribblin' away at Meggy until he looks like something and voila!
It came out pretty okay. There are things I think I would still do different but, I let it go.  I'll probably revisit drawing Meggy when I finally do an Optimus Prime drawing a friend of mine asked for... cough (two years ago) cough!  Sorry...
So I hope y'all likes.  I'll seeya again soon.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


So I'm working on a quick Megatron drawing for THWP (The Hourly Web Planet)as well as trying to finish Trey issue 2. This is what I sketched but I might do some changes based on the idea that I am not injecting enough of myself into the illustration. Hell, if Michael Bay can do it...