Monday, October 28, 2013



I've been planning this for a while (at least since May, when I purchased the URL from my friend, Jeremy Jusay) and from what I've been working on this is coming together pretty nicely.

A little back story:

BLOODY PULP MAGAZINE was a comic book magazine that was put together by me, Jeremy Jusay and Glenn Urieta back in 2007.  We set out to do a comic that hearkened back to the Golden Age/Silver Age EC Comics which usually dealt in sci-fi, crime, western, horror, romance and war.  We made 1 issue and had plans for others but nothing would gel for any of us so we just sort of started doing our own things.  Jeremy published "Jusay Pulp" and his feature Ghosts of New Wave, Glenn went on to work on his Paper Cut kids property and I went to work on Guardian Knight Presents with my Bugman superhero story.

Now it's a little short of 6 years and I'm trying to get the book together again.  This time I'm working as the Editor-in-Chief with 2 entries and a cover.  Also included will be works by Phillip Lee McCall (he's also writing one of the entries I'm drawing, Shani the Wanderer) and James Groeling (who's webstrip JDGAF is so damn cool).  It's going to be a 60-page black and white monster that I'm planning on selling through Amazon.

I'm really excited about it and I hope you like what's coming up.

Stay Tuned, I'll have some Shani stuff up here or on



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